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The Un-CoilerThe Un-Coiler

The original, horizontal flat stock

pallet decoiler

that changed the industry - dramatically cutting downtime, improving safety, and boosting productivity.

Make coil changes quickly, reduce handling time, enhance safety, and use labor more efficiently

How simply and effectively
TM works

The Un-Coiler's feeding action is initiated by the pull of the strip material from the production equipment, which activates our patented, "Quick Torque" drive system. This pulling effect of the material, which is fed around the pallet decoiler's self-aligning guide drum, draws the drum outwards and rotates the table. The farther the guide drum is pulled outwards, the faster the turntable rotates, assuring automatic speed synchronization with the machine tool. The drive wheel runs directly to the table rim surface, providing very responsive starting and stopping, avoiding excess coasting. The tension remains constant, whether uncoiling a full or almost empty load.

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